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How A DUI Can Ruin Your Life

A DUI lawyer is a criminal defense attorney specializing in the defense of businesses and individuals charged with DUI criminal activity. There are two levels of DUI lawyers - defense lawyers and criminal lawyers. A defense lawyer represents the accused while a criminal lawyer, also referred to as an attorney, defends individuals who have been accused of committing a crime. While most criminal cases end in a conviction, some convictions can lead to the dismissal of the charges or probation being suspended.

The legal limit on a DUI charge is that it is a felony, which means a person can be arrested and convicted for the same crime over again. There are two different kinds of DUI punishments: immediate and periodic. Immediate DUI penalties include jail time, fines, and additional penalties. Permanent DUI penalties include loss of a license and all penalties associated with a conviction of the crime. If your case goes to trial, the prosecution can still try to use the DUI as grounds for a conviction, but they won't be able to use it as an instant cure. Gather more info about choosing the most reliable DUI lawyer.

Many states also have something called an "ex parte" motion, which allows a prosecutor to present evidence of mitigating circumstances, such as the fact that you did not drink and drive or that the incident happened when you were at work. These motions are used very often and require that the DUI attorney make a strong argument for the client against the charges. If you've been arrested for a DUI, it's important to remember that there may be many different defenses available to you. Your DUI attorney can help determine which ones will be most successful in your particular situation and build a strong defense on each one. In addition, your DUI attorney can help to determine if you have a case that requires a jury trial or can be settled out of court with the defendant accepting a plea bargain. If you've been arrested for a DUI, it's critical to remember that there may be many different defenses available to you. View for more information about hiring a DUI lawyer.

Hiring a DUI lawyer isn't just about getting your charges dismissed or reducing your sentencing; it's also about learning how to survive the consequences of a DUI charge. The effects of a DUI conviction can range from short term penalties such as community service to serious criminal penalties such as jail time and DUI school. It is important to hire an experienced attorney to help you through the process so that you can learn from your experience and move on with your life. DUI charges can be tough to face but with the right legal representation you can turn your life around and regain your trust of others.

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